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Call quality drives customer satisfaction and customer retention. QA programs endeavor to maintain quality, but frequently do not have the resources to improve quality. AI is being adopted by contact centers to promote digital adoption and self-service support. Calls handled by live agents are, therefore, becoming more complex.

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69% of customers prefer talking to a live agent by phone.

(TCN 2021)

Customers still prefer to talk to live agents for complex, personal and challenging issues. This cuts across industries – financial services, healthcare, insurance, Telcom.

Our proprietary process utilizes human behavior specialists to identify issues on the call. Issues with agent professionalism and demeanor, detecting customer perceptions more precisely that speech analytics’ key words can by listening to customer and agent tones, words, and silences. What is not said on the call by the customer, can speak volumes.

Additionally, this analysis feeds into root causing call drivers to reduce repeat calls. Analysis will also indicate if coaching is warranted for individual agents in specific categories.