RECENT STUDIES: The Why Google Fiber Matters

• Penetration Potential (how many customers can Google Fiber get)
• Multitasking with TV & internet
• Brand Equity Comparisons (Google vs. Time Warner, AT&T,etc)
• Profile of the Google Fiber Pre-Registrant
• TV Everywhere Awareness (on phones, iPads, computers, etc)
• Netflix Dynamics
• OTT / Networked Device Demand
• Simultaneous Device Usage
• Other Online Activities / Uses
• The Cloud

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Survey finds 60% of qualified population interested in Google Fiber’s high-speed Internet and multi-channel video products.
30% of the qualified population has already pre-registered

Google Fiber’s offerings portend to be disruptive forces in a mature cable, telco and satellite marketplace.

1 Gbps Internet Speed & 120 HD Channels for $120/mo
1 Gbps Internet Speed for $70/mo
30 Mbps Internet Speed for free

Inside by side brand attribute comparisons, Google Fiber surpasses all incumbents in all eleven measures surveyed, including consumer privacy.


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Recognized as a Cable Pioneer, Founder and President Glen L. Friedman has been on the front lines of major media change for over 25 years.

He was a key architect in the launch strategy for DIRECTV, worked closely with XM Satellite Radio from its inception and was actively involved in the launch of high-speed Internet services.

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